What is it that you want for your life? What do you think of when you say one day I’m going to be, or I’m going to have? For most of us there is probably something to which we aspire to attain. We want that big house, the nice car, the perfect career. How many of us have put much thought into what type of person we want to be? Have you considered how others view you? This isn’t to be narcissistic and self centered. Let’s take this thought process and adjust the context of the question.

Have you considered how your kids view you? Maybe you don’t have kids yet but thinking about how the little humans you are raising really puts things into perspective. If your kids view you in a certain way then odds are that they will eventually grow up and mature into someone along the lines of the type of person that you are now.

I like to write down how I want to be viewed in multiple ways. How my wife views me, how my kids view me, my parents, my friends, my coworkers, and even complete strangers. Your lists will probably be longer the closer the person’s relationship is to you; I want my wife and kids to view me in many more ways then a complete stranger I just met. I encourage everyone to try this exercise because it forces us to look through the lens of others. We may view ourselves one way but when looking from another perspective it may become clear our own view was clouded.

Achievement of anything starts from within. Without honest self evaluation, correction, and re-evaluation we will only be stuck spinning in the same spot our whole life only to regret not doing the things we always wanted to do. In reality most things are extremely easy, they only require action, which is often the hardest part.

I bring up this topic because whatever we want in life is achievable. You can literally accomplish anything, learn anything, do anything. My wife and I wanted to start something together that will not only allow us to chronicle our life but also help and encourage others. This blog helps us to self evaluate and it encourages us to take action. Today for instance we picked our next travel destination, Texas. Now we decide where exactly in Texas we want to go, how we get there, and where we stay. Oh also we have to figure out how to pay for it but we will and we will pay cash.

My next post will delve into our views on finances a bit more so you can see our thought process. For now grab a pen and piece of paper and write out who you want to be seen as by those in your life. From there simply take action.


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